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1 2 3 4 30 acre japanese garden was dedicated in 1917 as a tribute to hawaii's first japanese immigrants who worked in the hawaii island sugar cane fields 80 foot falls a bird on the nest is better then two in the reeds a species introduced to the hawaiian islands accipiter cooperii accipiter striatus acrobatic adult butterfly aechmophorus occidentalis aechmophorus occidentalist aegolius acadicus aegolius funereus agapostemon texanus akaka falls albino albino squirrel albino white tailed deer mother with fawn albino whitetailed deer algae american goldfinch american goldfinch with seed american robin with young american white pelican angel of hope animal rescue annes garden anthurium apis mellifera apples archilochus colbris archilochus colubis archilochus colubris ardea herodias argiope aurantia arizona bald eagle bald eagle and nest at a farm bamboo bamboo groves banning state park baptism river barn swallow family barred owl barred owl hunting beautiful authentic japanese garden park named after hawaii's last reigning monarch queen liliuokalani beaver bay beaver river bee balm beehive ginger bell rock big island bill is pinkish yellow birch trees bird bird banding black capped chickadee black sand beach blackcapped chickadee bombus pennsylvanicus bonasa umbellus boreal chickadee boreal owl branch breakfast breakfast in talons brought to the islands in 1962 brown basket bubo virginianus bumble bee bumble bee on sunflower burial site flowers butorides virescens butterfly weed calico tabby calypte anna canis lupis familiaris cardinal cardinal vine cardinalis cardinalis carduelis tristis cat cathedral rock charadrius vociferous chelydra serpentine cherry and spoon chrysalis clearwing sphinx moth cloudy reflections common grackle with young como conservatory coopers hawk adult coopers hawk juvenile coopers hawk juvenile with prey cope's gray treefrog cope's gray treefrog on cornflower cope's gray treefrog on dahlia cormorant cornflower crab apple crab on lava rock crater crater is 3000 feet in diameter creek cygnus buccinator cygnus olor dahlia danaus plexippus deer carcass do you see what i see dog don't make me come over there and snap that shutter dont come any closer dragonfly draping ferns dryocopus pileatus dsh duck duluth minnesota dumetella carolinensis eagle nest at a farm eastern bluebird eastern bluebird pair eastern bluebird with prey eastern chipmunk edges of forests egg eyes are orange fall fall colors fall colors with pond fall leaves and pumpkin fall trees feeding young feet legs and bill range from black to brown feline felis catus female female and male wild turkey female anna's hummingbird female hooded merganser and young females are overall brownish feral felines on the big island go back to 1842 flooded grasslands flying forests and thickets found on the ground during day found on the ground during the day fountain trees and flowers four monarch butterfly's fruit fruits garden spider gardens german short hair pointer german shorthair pointer german shorthaired pointer glass grand canyon gray carbird gray catbird great blue heron great blue heron family great blue heron parent feeding young great blue heron with fish great blue heron young great grey owl great horned owl family greay grey owl green heron green heron with minnow green metallic sweat bee gregarious grey jay grouse gsp halemaumau halemaumau crater haliaeetus leucocephalus harley hawaii hawaii has a very large transient population hawaii has two programs that work to help feral cats hawaii islands tallest waterfall hiilawe falls cascades down 1300 feet in the back of waipio hawaii tropical botanicael garden hawaii tropical botanical garden hawaii volcanoes national park hawaii's climate encourages year round breeding hawaiian green sea turtle hemaris thysbe herbivore high falls hill with gate hilo hilo hawaii hirundo rustica honeybee honeybee on crabapple honu honu hawaiian green sea turtle hooded merganser young house wren hovering hummer going after a bug in a spiders web hummingbird hummingbird clearwing moth hunting hyla chrysoscelis hyles lineata i see you icterus galbula image by mike varley in memory of aunt josephine in the trees at night indian magic crabapple and pergola indigo bunting inquisitive insects introduced in ohau in 1929 introduced to the island of kauai in 1860 by a women named frances sinclair introduced to the islands in the early 20th century investigates everything ionas beach japanese macaques just shake it off juvenile baltimore oriole juvenile eagles kilauea killdeer on eggs lagoons lake maria state park lake osakis lake superior lake superior shed larva lava lava rock legends say that the cave beneath the waterfall was the home of hina mother of the demigod maui lepus americanus lighthouse lili'uokalani gardens lillypads on pond located on hilo's banyan drive located on the northern hamakua cost long slender bill lophodytes cucullatus lucy lush rainforest macaca fuscata male male annas hummingbird male baltimore oriole male ruby throated hummingbird male rubythroated humminbird on tree branch 1 male rubythroated hummingbird on tree branch 2 male rubythroated hummingbird on tree branch 3 male wild turkey males have partially glossy blueish black plumage maltese maltese shih tzu mangrove thickets mauna loa meadowlands meleagris gallopavo metamorphosis milkweed plant minneapolis sculpture garden minnesota minnesota landscape arboretum minnesota zoo mobile lifestyle often encourages abandoment of animals monach caterpillar monarch butterfly monarch butterfly in sunflower monarch butterfly wings monarch butterfly with migration tag monarch butterfly's monarch butterflys monarch caterpillar mourning dove munsinger clemens gardens mushroom mute swan mute swan resting national bird navajo point nectar new mexico north shore north shore trees northern cardinal northern cardinal with worm northern hawk owl northern raccoon northern saw whet owl nose full nursing fawn nuts nyctea scandiaca odocoileus virginianus often showcasing a plume of sulfer dioxide smoke olive green on its back on open forest orange lobster claw pacific ocean pale green on its underside palm leaf palm tree papilio glaucus partial albino american robin with american robin partical albino american robin with american robin parus atricapillus parus hudsonicus passerina cyanea passerine cyanea patterns in nature peacocks have been in hawaii for over a hundred years peacocks now live on several of the islands including hawaii maui and oahu pelecanus erythrorhynchos pepper pepper running perisoreus canadensis petroglyphs are lava rock carvings etched into stone centuries ago by native hawaiians although the true meaning of the petroglyphs are unknown it is generally thought these carvings are records of births and other significant events phalacrocorax auritus phasianus colchicus pheasant picnic pileated woodpecker pine cone pineapple plegadis chihi plunges 442 feet into a stream eroded gorge podiceps grisegena poinsettia procyon lotor pumpkin punalu'u beach punaluu black sand beach pupa pupate purple aster quick runners quiscalus quiscula rainbow rainbow falls red breasted nuthatch red fox red fox family red fox kit red fox kit with turkey leg red fox kits red lobster claw red milkweed beetle red necked grebe family red necked grebe parent feeding young red necked grebe parent with young red necked grebe young having breakfast red rock red rock crossing red squirrel reptile reptiles ringed turtle dove ringnecked pheasant river river at crow hassen park river in lupine river playing catch river running roadrunner rock ruby throated hummingbird ruby throated hummingbird just a swingin ruby throated hummingbird on hibiscus ruby throated hummingbird on nasturtium ruby throated hummingbird on salvia rubythroated ruffed grouse saint cloud saint cloud minnesota salt water sandpiper sax sim bog sax zim bog sciurus carolinensis sculpture by claes oldenburg and coosje van bruggen seagrass sedona sedona arizona sedona landscape seeds sharp shinned hawk adult sherburn national wildlife refuge shih tzu shrubbery in marshes sialia sialis sitta canadensis snapping turtle snow monkey snow monkey with young snowshoe hare snowy owl soldier beetle south rim spring tulips spring tulips 2 spring tulips with car squirrel stained state natural area state park streptopelia risoria streptopelis risoria strix nebulosa strix varia suet sun flower seed sunflower sunflower seed sunset surnia ulula sympetrum obtrusum tame tamias striatus tamiasciurus hudsonicus team work tetraopes tetrophthalmus tettegouche state park the big island the big island has over 70 documented sites featuring petroglyphs the big island of hawaii the hawaii cat foundation trap neuter return program and the hawaiian humane society spay neuter program the north shore the scared waipio valley was the boy hood home of king kamehameha 1 the total count of petroglyphs on the big island is around 22000 images the turtles ancestors evolved on land and took to the sea to live about 150 million years ago the turtles ancestors evolved on land and took to the sea to live about 150 million yeasrs ago there are no natural predators that kill some of the population this fertile valley is about one mile across and over five miles deep and surrounded by cliffs up to 2000 feet high this image is number 48 of 100 for 2017 audubon photography awards top 100. please see audubon's website. threatened species tiger swallowtail butterfly tiger swallowtail butterfly on lilac bush tiny green frog tree trees and red rock troglodytes aedon trumpeter swan trumpeter swan family trumpeter swan in mist trumpeter swan pair trumpeter swan pair with cygnets trumpeter swan take off trumpeter swans tulips tulips and fountain turdus migratorius turtles are one of the few species that watched the dinosaurs evolve and become extinct turtles are one of the few species that wateched the dinosaurs evolve and become extinct two western grebe pairs very acrobatic very sociable vine on tree volcano voles vulpes vulpes vulpes waipio means curved water in the hawaiian language water fall water lilly waterfall wesern grebe parent with sleepy young western grebe western grebe eggs in nest western grebe family western grebe famly western grebe in the reeds 1 western grebe in the reeds 2 western grebe nesting pair western grebe on nest western grebe pair protecting the nest 1 western grebe pair protecting the nest 2 western grebe pair protecting the nest 3 western grebe pair working on the nest western grebe parent with young western grebe with young western grebe working on nest 1 lake osakis western grebe working on nest 2 wetern grebe pair on nest whats happening wheres my supper white faced ibis white lined hummingbird sphinx moth white lined sphinx moth white tailed deer white tailed deer fawns greeting white tailed deer mother and fawn white tailed deer newborn fawn whitefaced ibis whitefaced meadowhawk whitefaced meadowhawk with bee whos that wild orchids wild turkey wings are dark brown but outlined in green winter wolf creek falls yellow cornflower zenaida macroura zinnia